About Vivek Thomas

Vivek is an experienced CEO-Coach having successfully lead teams to deliver consistent revenue growth and bottom line profit at Maximizer Software Inc, Goldmine, Crystal Decisions and Sony Corporation.

He credits his success to Strategic Execution, which is defined as a set of behaviours and techniques that needs to be mastered in order to maintain a competitive advantage.

He also brings to his clients a CEO’s perspective on implementing frameworks like One Page Strategic Plan, Rockefeller Habits, GGOB and 3HAG that drive predictable results.

Having lived and worked in the UK, France, Dubai, South Africa and India, Vivek and his young family are based in Vancouver, Canada, from where he continues to maintain and grow his professional relationships around the world.

Besides his love for “The Sport of Business”, Vivek and his spouse both care deeply about Mental Health in the workplace and support the “Walk the Talk” and “Walk for Alzheimer’s” events in their local community.